Strong businesses are
built by happy employees.

It is a known fact that employees' personal problems can be costly for businesses. Accordingly, for the past 30 years, businesses in many countries including the USA, England and Australia, run Employee Assistance Programs to offer assistance with professional, family and private lives of employees. Return of investment on Employee Assistance Programs range between 6 to 16 times and they provide face to face or over the phone specialist care and assistance on a 24/7 basis for employees' potential and existing issues in a proactive manner.

  • Ensures upto 43% increase in employee efficiency
  • Used by 90% of the Fortune 500 companies in US
  • Reduces employee turnover by 35%
  • Employee Assistance Program is a tool for saving.


LEAP core team with a vast experience and high scientific competence in physical and mental health lead many international projects.

LEAP service standards are set at a very high level and continuously monitored to ensure quality of its health and psychological assistance services.

  • LEAP's extensive nationwide network of specialist psychologists provides one on one and on demand assistance.
  • LEAP team's expertise on crisis and trauma management provides efficient and timely intervention to minimize costs and speed up adaptation through times of crisis.
  • LEAP provides assistance services to thousand of banking, education, healthcare, food, security, finance and manufacturing employees and leading businesses all through Turkey.
  • LEAP ACADEMY aims to create change and strong businesses, supported through regular trainings for development, efficiency, adaptability and agility.
  • LEAP is a human resources solution partner catering custom-tailored solutions for businesses.
    Fiba Group Human Resources and Corporate Communications Director

    In providing LEAP services, we initially wanted to offer psychological assistance for our employees in need. However, the past 1.5 years of service we received was beyond our expectations. Our employees benefited from psychological assistance as well as legal, financial, and socio cultural counseling services. LEAP assistance services also proved to be a great tool for our management teams in managing the business professionally through challenging and critical times. At the end of the day, it really is a great life lesson that helps employees and teammates in handling and overcoming various challenges faced. Thank you!

    Nutricia Foods Human Resources Director

    LEAP ensures confidentiality for all services yet our employees are so happy with the positive impact of LEAP that they are keen to share their experiences. Experiences posted on the intranet "LEAP Stories" tab are a direct reflection of our employees' satisfaction with LEAP.