Employee Assistance Program  is a comprehensive program aimed at businesses and employees. It acts as a solution partner for companies, through which it also supports the employees. Active 24 hours a day, Employee Assistance Program provides one on one care and assistance for employees in need.

How do employees use this service?
Employees can start using the services by calling the company hotline.

How does the hotline process work?
Employees’ call to the hotline are received by experienced call centre agents to be connected to the relevant specialist as necessary.

Who provides counselling and for how long?
Specialist clinic psychologist and medical doctor sessions are unlimited in duration and available 24/7.

Financial consultant and legal counsel services are available Monday to Saturday, between 08:00-20:00 hours.

What issues are covered?
Psychological counselling services can cover a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, stress, personal and professional relationships, sleep problems and issues related to children. Employees can also consult experts on medical, financial and legal issues, make use of concierge and organisational services.

What questions can be asked?
Employees who find it hard to cope with stress, to quit smoking, who want to help their teenage children achieve better grades at school, and communicate better with their loved ones can turn to LEAP for help.

For questions on what medicine can be safely used while breastfeeding, what pension amount a family member will receive upon retirement, where to find cheap plane tickets, employees can call LEAP.

For questions big and small, consulting a LEAP expert can work wonders.

Are face to face meetings with specialists possible?
Issues will be first handled by experts over the phone. If deemed necessary, a face to face session with a clinical psychologist will be arranged. Total number of sessions will be limited to the pre agreed cap as per the company contract conditions with LEAP.

Can employee’s family benefit from LEAP services?
Employee’s immediate family who live at the same address can use LEAP services free of charge.Family members are also eligible to use up from the face to face consultation sessions allocated to each employee.

What do the employees pay?
LEAP Employee Assistance Services are contracted and paid by the company. All services are provided free of charge for employees and their immediate families living at the same address.

Do employees need to get permission from HR?
No HR (or other) permission is required to use LEAP services.

Can employees use LEAP services in confidence?
LEAP Employee Assistance Services team works ethically. Personal information of employees are not shared with third parties or the employer.