Regular reports are provided to the HR department throughout the partnership. These reports are regularly evaluated in cooperation with the HR department, and solution processes are developed in light of these findings.

Corporate reports include:                        

  • The distribution of general problems
  • The type and amount of services given to employees
  • The distribution of the sessions
  • Average number of sessions
  • Numbers of crises, traumas and critical incidents; their natures and outcomes
  • The areas, districts and ranks that most frequently encounter issues, and their needs
  • Trend analyses
  • Action suggestions regarding issues
  • Return on Investment calculations in accordance with international EAP standards


Confidentiality is a major determinant of the success of LEAP. All LEAP employees pay utmost attention to the privacy policy.

  • LEAP system security is inspected by an independent audit company.
  • Acting in accordance with ethical principles, we take every care to ensure employee privacy.
  • In order to encourage the use of the services, the employees are given the opportunity to use the consultation phone lines anonymously.
  • Employers do not have access to the personal and private information of employees, nor can they, under any condition, request such information; this is guaranteed by a special clause in all contracts.

Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Program

In order to better understand employees’ experiences, demands and needs pertaining to our services, we regularly conduct employee satisfaction surveys. Members also have the opportunity to give us feedback regarding our programs by calling our dedicated customer line.