Psikososyal Risk Yönetimi
Corporate structures, authorities, employee motivation, job content…

They all work in a chain reaction where problem in one area negatively effects the long term efficiency of the business.
In depth analysis of these variables, facilitating improvements, and measurement of results are critical for success.

LEAP considers psychosocial factors as indispensable for a target focused corporate structure. It creates solutions to prevent any negative impact trickle down to individual and corporate levels during development and growth.

Psychosocial Factors

  • Job Content
  • Organisational Structure and Management
  • Employee competencies and needs
  • Environmental Factors
  • All interaction among these factors

Psychosocial Risk Factors

Here are only a few of the psychosocial factors that could harm the physical or mental well being of the employees and success of businesses

  • Monotonous job content or ambiguity
  • Heavy work load and time pressure
  • Lack of proper tools or equipment
  • Relationship issues, abuse and mobbing
  • Uncertainity in authorisation and roles as well as in HR processes
  • Continued impact of corporate crises

Psychosocial Risk Management Process

  • Analysis of Issues and Risk Factors
  • Drafting an action plan
  • Intervention and control
  • Education programs
  • Corporate change and corporate restructuring
  • New system proposals
  • Assessment
  • Defining steps for sustainability of positive developments  and new intervention areas
  • Corporate learning and development
  • Internalisation and analysis of corporate culture
  • Development of preventive and permanent protection plans post intervention
  • Psychosocial Risk Management services are provided within  the Employee Assistance Program.