Women need the most support during maternity and post partum period. Women employees need to be assisted well during this time, as otherwise they might find it difficult to single handedly deal with the issues that might arise in nursing and baby care, which might then lead to certain psychological challenges.

One in every 5 new mothers suffers from post partum depression while 85% of new moms experience post part blues. Lack of support for the mothers and mothers to be during this time affect the whole family negatively. This effectively makes it difficult for the new mothers to return and adapt to work.

Our expert clinical psychologists, baby nurses and lactation consultants provide support for the new mothers regarding baby care and any physical/emotional changes they might experience post partum.

Our expert team conducts one on one meetings with the new mother to relieve them off the stress that might be induced by the new life routine, instills confidence and helps them to relax. These meetings can be as long as necessary and are instrumental in helping the new and potentially worried, tense and concerned mothers to adapt to their new lives.

Mother and Baby Counselling services are provided within  the Employee Assistance Program.