In a constantly changing business environment, sustaining a competitive edge, achieving scientific competence and expertise, gaining a deep grasp of industry-specific know-how and attaining continuous development are only possible by keeping abreast of global standards and trends.

LEAP’s core team, with its vast experience and scientific competence in the medical field -especially in the area of behavioral health- has not only taken the lead in many international projects, but also carried out pioneering projects that have performed way beyond expectations.

With its vast experience, high quality standards, adherence to scientific approaches and potential for continuous development, LEAP has positioned itself on the crossroads of service and perfection as an indispensible solutions partner for corporations.

What sets LEAP apart from other EAP providers is its uniquely qualified team of specialists. As it presents solutions that are tailored to the needs of each company it partners with, LEAP strives to become a natural extension of the culture of that company and thus achieve the biggest possible gains both for the company and for its employees.

What will LEAP Bring to your Company?

LEAP will:

  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Boost employee loyalty and retention
  • Lower operational costs by reducing absenteeism, errors and accidents caused by distracting personal problems and family issues
  • Lower healthcare costs of employees
  • Deliver timely detection, intervention and resolution of employees’ problems before they escalate out of control
  • Help your company attract and retain highly skilled labor in a shrinking labor market by providing leverage to the HR department
  • Reduce HR workload by providing support and resources

Customized Strategies

LEAP was created to provide immediate responses to the needs of employers and employees. LEAP delivers personalized coping strategies for work and/or personal problems that are difficult to handle.

Early Intervention

LEAP is an early intervention program that takes on all kinds of problems that may have a negative impact on physical and emotional wellness by focusing on the health and well-being of employees and their families with a comprehensive and holistic approach.


Confidentiality is a major determinant of the success of LEAP. All LEAP employees pay utmost attention to the privacy policy.

Employers are not given access to the personal and private information of employees, and they cannot under any condition request such information; this is guaranteed by a special clause in all contracts.