Q: What is an Employee Assistance Program?
A: Employee Assistance Programs are support programs used by corporations worldwide to improve the quality of life of employees and their families. These programs mobilize specialists to contribute to the solution of daily problems of various sizes and natures, and aim to simplify employees’ lives through information and education services.

Q: What do I get out of an Employee Assistance Program?
A: Employee Assistance Programs are designed to step in before employees’ problems grow and get out of hand. EAP experts respond in a timely manner to help reduce the impact of personal, psychological or family problems employees may face. Persistent problems that bother you can have a negative effect on your quality of life, work performance, family life, and even health. LEAP gives you 24/7 access to confidant experts who can provide you with the kind of support you need at challenging times.

Q: What kind of support do you provide?
A: Anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues in both work place and family life, parenting problems and sleep disorders can all be handled effectively by receiving the right kind of support. You can also consult our experts with your questions regarding medical, financial and legal problems, as well as use our concierge and organizational support services to simplify your life.

Q: What kind of questions can I ask LEAP?
A: You may be having difficulties handling work stress. Maybe you’d like to quit smoking but just can’t. Your teen may be having performance issues at school and you may be at a loss about how to communicate with him. Perhaps you don’t know what medications are safe to use while breastfeeding. Maybe you find it confusing to calculate your pension or you don’t know where to find the best airfares. Consulting a specialist with such daily questions -as well as larger problems- can make a big difference in how you handle problems. LEAP is here to put you in touch with experts.

Q: What kind of experts can I consult?
A: You can consult our clinical psychologists, doctors, dieticians, financial advisors and lawyers, free of charge.

Q: How do I start using this service?
A: You can immediately start using our services by simply calling our dedicated number for your company.

Q: What’s the procedure once I call you?
A: Your call is first taken by an experienced customer service representative, who then transfers you to the appropriate specialist depending on the nature of your request.

Q: Who can I consult and how often?
A:  You can consult our clinical psychologists, doctors, financial advisors,  lawyers, dietician and education consultants without any restriction.

Q: Can I have face-to-face consultations?
A: All problems are initially evaluated over the phone. If it is considered necessary, face-to-face consultations with experts can also be arranged. Your company provides you with a pre-determined number of face-to-face consultations.

Q: Can my family benefit from your services as well?
A: Immediate members of your family who live with you are entitled to use all of our services. You can also share your pre-determined number of face-to-face consultations with your family members.

Q: How much do I pay?
A: LEAP is a contractual provider of your company. Our services are totally free of charge for you and your immediate family members who live with you. You do not need the approval of your company or your supervisors to call us.

Q: Can I trust that my calls and visits will be kept confidential?
A: The LEAP Team works in strict compliance with ethical principles. Employees’ personal information is never shared with any third parties including their companies.