LEAP Employee Assistance Program offers complimentary concierge services on a 24/7 basis to provide comfort and ease for the daily routines of employees.

Concierge services are designed by our expert management team and staff. To ensure quality, services will be provided by our expert CRM staff within a defined framework.

In addition to benefiting from the extensive data warehouses LEAP offers, CRM staff may occasionally seek to complement their information and service offerings with services extended by leading organizations and companies.

Employees will be able to contact our service center on a 24/7 basis with no interruptions and seek assistance on the most frequently faced challenges of daily life. Below is an overview of the concierge services provided.

Information Assistance Services: Employees can contact the LEAP service center 24/7 and pose their questions. They will have the opportunity to receive support and information on how to handle daily chores and other organizational needs such as:

  • Company address and contact information
  • Phone numbers for emergency services
  • Restaurant information
  • Information on flights, buses, ferries, sea taxi, train and other modes of transport
  • Address instructions
  • Information on hotels and tour companies
  • Information on movie theaters, theatre companies, concerts, festivals and other happenings
  • Airport transfer information
  • Rent a car information